Tuesday, 16 February 2021

50 Things Every Young Lady Should Know


Creating the transition from childhood to early adulthood can be a confusing and challenging period in any young girls life. Thankfully women before us have been kind enough to store the little gems they have learned on their own journey for the future generation to take on board. 
This msy mot be a compleye how-to guide (we are for the most part winging life anyway) however there are a number (50 in fact) of simple yet effective keys to take away and are just as easy to implement into your everyday life. 

After a quick scan one may think that the lessons included would be rather basic commonalities in the world but unfortunately as we live in a society which applauds vulgarity and displeasantry, it is an art which has been slowly fading away into the shadows. Manners including please and thank you is standard but can easily be forgotten depending on tge environment and company you are socialised in. However all help is not lost, the more you make a conscious effort to include it in your vocabulary the more natural it will become to use on a frequent basis.

If you are not accustimoned to being around people who possess such character, you may not realise how your actions could possibly comes across as unintentionally inappropriate. True manners can go a long way. It demonstrates that you are a polite and respectful individual and those are some of the most pleasant kind of people to be surrounded by.

I believe this title would be ideal for a young teen girl or a young adult approaching their early 
however, even the eldest can always do with refining their demeanor.

There are excellent examples of "dos and don'ts" regular occurences which you can learn from and implement your day to day life. This would be beat described as a guide on the basics of conducting yourself in a respectful and adequate manner. You will encounter individuals of all walks of life and one common value which should d always be practiced is respect. Offer respect and more times than none you will receive it back! The lady who carries herself in a decent manner will always be repsected and cherished. 

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