Wednesday, 6 May 2020

Life Lessons From Skincare Brand Owner, Maria Hatzistefanis

Maria Hatzistefanis began her career as a beauty writer and later made her through the world of finance. She realised that finance was not her calling and this became evident through her the lack of care displayed at work she eventually was fired from her role in investment banking. She later started moving her way through the world of makeup and beauty. After a tough 18 years she has built and established her Skincare collections Rodial and NIP + Fab,  which have now become global brands sought out by the rich and famous. The author of How to Be an Overnight Success has returned to give readers the truth on how she managed to grow her business from the bottom up. Here I will show you some of my take aways on her new book, How to Make it Happen.

1. Find a Positive Role Model

"Research people that do the job or things that you love, follow them on social media, find articles about them. Read biographies, listen podcasts of successful people that you can relate to." One of my favourite past times is doing my research on women that are doing well in their respective fields because it give me the motivation and encouragement to pursue my own goals. Especially if they are young. Hearing others stories and how they have succeeded in their achievements provides you with an opportunity to take tips from their journey and learn from their mistakes.

2. Avoid Negtive People

Most of us do not purposely choose to surround ourselves with negativity but every now and then you may find yourself in the company of those who just are perpetually miserable with life and their circumstances.  That may include friends, aquaintacances, or colleagues. It is important to recognise when this occurs and distance yourselves from such. The same can also be applied to your life online. I for one have stopped following gossip sites because I do not want to feed my mind with unnecessary commentary about how others live their lives. Not to add it was time consuming and taking up precious time I could be spending on working on my craft or doing another activity which could be beneficial to my life. 

3. The Best Way to Deal With Rejection is to Learn From it

When Maria first started her business, her goal was to have her products sold in a luxury department store. After sending numerous calls, and emails, she would hear nothing back. She would go on to do this year after year then after year 7 of continuous asking and pleading, she got her big break and her dream became actualized. A meeting was held and the officials recognised her passion and the uniqueness of her product and finally gave her a chance! Despite being rejected non-stop, this did not stop her from chasing her vision. She used those years to improve her products and work harder than ever before. Just because one of your plans does not work out the first time round, it does not mean it is the end of the road. 

4. The Career Woman/Super Woman Trope is a Fantasy

As a busy business woman in the world of beauty and kids to look after, Maria did not shy away from acknowledging that she and her husband (who works in finance) have both a nanny and a housekeeper to keep things at home in order. When celebrities announce that they do in fact outsource help it eases the pressure from regular, everyday women from not feeling as though they need to bear the load of playing 'superwoman'. The superwoman is the loving mother, devoted wife and a career flyer. If we are being completely honest it is not realistic to maintain a high flying career and children on your own, without help. Men for the most part are expected to be breadwinners and are rarely scrutinised for not doing their share of care giving therefore, the woman is often forced to sacrifice her work for time with the kids. However, if you are in a situation where you and your spouse are able to hire a nanny/ housekeeper, why not make life easier for yourselves? I understand there are women who take pride in doing it all alone but at the end of it all you will be exhausted and depleted. Your physical and mental health is more important than trying to win brownie points for the woman of the year award.

5. Define your Own Definition of Success

The general census of what it means to be successful is to graduate, enter a stable field and earn plenty of £££££, get married and eventually have children. There is not anything wrong with that but that is not everybody's plan. As long as you know where you are headed and working towards the plans you have set yourself, that is all that matters. When we set out to make any major decisions in life, we should question the intentions behind them. Am I doing this because it brings me happiness and fulfilment or because I am craving externatal rewards and validation?

To find out more about Maria's journey to success, get your copy of How to Make it: Turning Failure into Success on Amazon today. 

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