Wednesday, 1 April 2020

Life Lessons From Financial Enthusiast and Influencer Patricia Bright

Patricia Bright is one of the biggest Youtubers online  with a mass following of over 2 million subscribers.
Whilst documenting fashion, beauty and lifestyle related content, she also possess a wealth of knowledge in the financial sector which she often shares with viewers. Growing up in South London she faced many challenges with her family and managed to conquer them all to become the global entrepreneur she is today. Patricia is now sharing her life story and the lessons she has learned along the way in her book, Heart and Hustle: Use Your Passion. Build Your Brand. Achieve Your Dreams.

1. Every idea is a good idea
I was recently watching a mini clip on YouTube of The Real, and the panelists were discussing their 'stupid ideas' which turned out to be ideas others had also thought of and later captislised on. One example being in previous years comedienne Loni Love mentioned in her younger days she would  deliver food to the older people in her community for a period of time and years later we now have the food delivery service, UberEats! One person's silly idea, is another's goldmine. The hosts also touched on the fact that all ideas can be revised and improved on. Whatever ideas I have in my mind I tend to write down because you never know how that may become of use down the line. A simple idea today can turn into a million pound business next year.

2. Stop talking and get the work done
One reason we love to talk about our plans as opposed to just doing it because it is much easier than actually getting the work done. Talk is cheap and quick, it literally requires little effort to confess something you dream of doing in the future. Sadly the reality is talking will only get you so far if you are not willing to buckle down and do what you need to do. Now there is nothing wrong with letting it be known what you are up to with people that are close to you but it is all the more satisfying to let your results speak for itself.

4. Celebrate yourself often
In life it is usually only big milestones which are worthy of being celebrated and applauded. This can mean landing job promotions, moving house and graduations. These particular events only happen a few times in the year which means we should wait every 5 months to treat ourselves? I don't know about you but that is too long a wait for me. In recent years I have learned the importance of celebrating my smaller achievements which others may not be aware of because I want to feel good and reward myself for my work even if no one else knows about it. Even as I am writing this blog post, I am promising to treat myself to a nice takeaway meal if I am able to finish this post by the end of the night. If you don't reward for the little things, who will?

5. Speak positively to yourself 
Positive self talk is an essential part of moving forward in life. The cares of everyday life will occasionally cause us to become stressed and depleted and the last thing you need is negative thoughts infiltrating your mind as well. Espcially for creative people and those of us sharing our art online, we can get caught up comparing and doubting what we are creating therefore it is important to gain control over what we feed into. The mind controls our actions therefore we have to all that we can to ensure that it is being nourished and well taken care of. Last year I wrote a post on writing things into a existence and how the words which are spoken can impact our lives. 

6. Be a Genuine Creator 
With the rise of social media platforms such as Instagram and Twitter, it has become clear how easy it can be to become a viral star. Now more than ever trends are being excessively copied and ideas stolen - many have forgotten that it takes originality and innovativeness to maintain longevity. Those who are known to repeatedly steal the work of others, rarely stay around for long and are shortly forgotten. There are online 'stars' who are creating content for the love of gaining popularity as opposed to wanting to add value to their audience. My thing is if you do not have genuine intentions about being an online creator and using your platform for good, you are better off finding a hobby you are actually passionate about and seek pleasure from.

To learn extra life Lessons and more about Patricia's journey you can purchase Heart and Hustle on Amazon now.