Saturday, 29 February 2020

Write it Into Existence

"I shall be a bestselling writer, After Imago, each of my books will be on the bestseller at LAT, NYG, PW, WP, etc. My novels will go onto the above lists whether publishers push them hard or not, whether i'm paid a high advance or not, whther I ever win another award or not. This is my life. I write best selling novels. My novels go on to the best seller on or shortly after publication. My novels travel up to the top of the best seller lists and they reach the top and they stay on top for months (at least two). Each of mt novels does this. So be it! I will find the way to do this. See to it! So be it! See to it!
My books will be read by millions of people.
I will buy a beautiful home in an excellent neighbourhood.
I will send poor black youngsters to Clarion or other writer's workshops.
I will help poor black youngsters broaden their horizons.
I will help poor black youngster go to college.
I will get the best of healthcare for my mother and myself.
I will hire a car whenever I want to or need it.
I will travel whenever and wherever in the world I choose.
My books will be read my millions of people!
So be it! See to it!"

These are the words of assurance from the wonderful writer Octavia Butler.

I love the confidence she exudes through displaying her wants and desires for her future. As a writer, it can feel like it is just you alone with your words because words are so special to us. The words you profess are a reflection of how you feel in your heart. Your words are a reflection of how you perceive the world around you. Word are precious. Words are delicate. Words have meaning and power therefore it is important to use them wisely.

Octavia was a woman who believed in the power of her and she wrote down her goals as a reminder to herself of what she aimed to achieve in the future. Years later she has become a best selling author who has sold millions of copies of books!

The phrase speaking into existence has recently become a popular phrase amongst many to encourage  us to affirm positivity over our lives. On social media I have witnessed a couple of people saying that speaking things into existence is not biblical. Whilst the phrase is not written in the bible, it is used moreso to motive and develop a positive outlook on ones future. Speaking it into existence does not mean that as soon as I claim a blessing it will automatically come to pass. God wants me to succeed and do well at whatever I put my hand to and he has stated in His word that there is Life and Death in the power of the tongue therefore I am using the power words hold to speak life and happiness into my life.

Writing is equally as important as speaking. Writing you goals down leaves a reminder of what you have dreamed of and it allows you to take the steps to work out how you will accomplish your goals. Without plan to take action you writing into existence becomes void.
For example, one of your goals could be that you want a car later this year. But what actions have you taken to ensure this becomes a reality. Have you applied for a provisional liscence? Have you started revising for your theory test? Are you taking practical driving lessions? Writing your plans down does not mean anything if you have no plans to take action. Speak and write your dreams into existenxe but do not forget to plan and be proactive with these ideas.

Wednesday, 12 February 2020

20 Positive Affirmations For 2020

A new year and a new decade has come around and I don't know about you but I am pretty much done with doing the same thing over and over amd not recieving my desired results. I have taken some time out to pen some things I hope to manifest in the forseeable future and I will pray that I can look back at the end of the year and smile with glee because I will have achieved what I had hoped for at the start.

This year is about elevation.
This year is about revelation.
This year is about leveling up.
This year is about spoiling myself.
This year is about bettering myself.
This year is about finding opportunties.
This year is about creating opportunties.
This year is about blossoming.
This year is about progression.
This year is about recognising my greatness.
This year is about shining my light.
This year is about trying new things.
This year is about flourishing.
This year is about acting on my potential.
This year is about bringing my vision to life.
This year is about making wiser decisions.
This year is be about being more gracious to myself.
This year is about removing myself from comfort zones.
This year is about furthering my knowledge.
This year is about self improvement.

What is 2020 going to be the year of for you?