Saturday, 28 December 2019

The Reality of Women Having it All

In an episode of reality talk show, The Real, the panel discussed whether it is possible for a woman to 'have it all'. When we take a look at the traditional version of what it means to have it all, it shows us that women should aspire to juggle every single task and responsibility with a smile and zero complaints. That is how I view it anyway.  The world has attempted to force feed women the idea that in order to have a fulfilled life they must have a flourishing career, husband and kids. But the reality is that is not every woman's desire.

Whilst discussing the topic, Adrienne made a profound statement which I loved. She added, ''I think the first thing as women we should recognise is, what does having it all mean to you? Because what my all is may not be your all.' I felt that was a significant statement because it made me pause and reflect on what it means to me to have it all. What I came to realise is that it does not align with the definition that society has encouraged us to believe, it is subjective and can mean whatever you want it to. For myself, I desire to maintain a healthy relationship with God, become apart of a strong friendship group, and build a successful writing path. That is what I long to work towards.
Shortly after Adrienne went on to include the idea that having it all can mean different things at different stages in life. As a teenager she was very career orientated and worked hard to further her acting career whereas now, being an older woman she now finds joy in spending more quality time with her family.

Girls and women are individuals with multidimensional aspirations and desires, therefore, we will not all want to experience the same things and I think there are people that find that difficult to comprehend due to the roles women have been obligated to play in society as well as limited media representation we have had to endure over the years. But now that is changing and women are calling the shots in their own lives and I am here for it!

So to answer the question of 'can women have it all?' Absolutely yes!


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